The Hedgehog Concept


The Hedgehog Concept   The Hedgehog Concept is an idea introduced by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. The concept is drawn from Isaiah Belin’s famous essay The Hedgehog and the Fox, which explains that the world is divided into two types: the strategic and cunning fox and the little and simple hedgehog. It is based on a Greek poem where the fox draws out complex strategies that repeatedly fail as he tries to eat the hedgehog. The hedgehog wins over the fox by rolling into a defensive, impenetrable ball when attacked by the fox. “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” The Hedgehog Concept is a very simple concept that can be applied not only for businesses, but also for personal use. This can be used to advance one’s career and in turn having the means to unlock one’s potential. Individuals who are looking for their next step in life, those who are striving to grow, or those who are aspiring to maximize their potential can be served by the Hedgehog Concept. With this, an understanding of one’s best qualities can be obtained, which can be identified by finding the intersection of these three critical questions:   sample--background--image “What are you deeply passionate about?” The first circle asks the crucial question about your passion in life. Reflecting on this question will help you find activities that ignite your interest, your fascination, and your love for something that really excites you. Without thinking about money, consider the things that make you want to do it for a long time. You have to find an endeavor that really motivates you, not something that you are merely forced to do. “What can you be best in the world at?” This query looks into your skills. Consider the things that you’re really good at, or that you know a lot about. Think about your qualities and knowledge that can be offered out to the world. This doesn’t have to be natural or in-born talent. Skills can be developed and improved. These can be things that you have learned and practiced over the years. “What drives your economic engine?” This third circle asks your marketability. Think about the thing that has the potential to earn you money. Reflect on which of your skills and talents that could become a platform for people to you. Think about the things that have the capacity to contribute and serve other people, as well as the society. In order to effectively use the Hedgehog Concept, one must answer these questions honestly. Keep in mind that finding the intersection of these three questions will help in your understanding of what you can be best at. Collins clarified this importance in his book Good to Great: that the Hedgehog Concept is not a goal, not a strategy, not an intention, not a plan. It is simply an understanding of one’s true self and potential.

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