Advancing Your Career


        There are various reasons why people are always looking for ways to advance in his or her own careers. Of course, we all want to be successful and feel contented with the things that we do. Some may want this to happen in order to get a promotion and a better job title, while some want it to increase their salary and improve their way of living, as well as their families’. For others, it is simply the fulfillment that they want to feel with their jobs and the work that they accomplish. Whatever motivation one has to want to give themselves a better life or a more developed career, the bottom line is you have to work hard for it.


        Your boss will never give you a promotion and a salary increase in a silver platter. You need to exert effort, have the determination, and work really hard for it in order for you to climb up the ladder of success. You do not need to be the most popular in the company, to have the most number of memberships in socio-civic or business-oriented organizations, or even being the funniest person among your peers, but you need to be able to feel contentment and happiness with your current job. You have to give enough time and effort into advancing your career because it doesn’t just happen overnight.

        It is undeniable that every one of us wants to be successful with the career that we chose to be a part of. What we need to realize with this is that we first need to be comfortable with what are doing. Everything else will follow when we have found our true niche in this world. You need to be able to discover for yourself what type of work you want to be spending all your effort into. We all have unique traits and distinct strengths, and we need to use these to our advantage. You need to determine what really inspires you because after this, enhancing and advancing your skills in your chosen career will be relatively easier.

        Another way would be to be more open and more interested in doing things that are outside of your comfort zone. Whether it be taking responsibility for heading a project that is totally new to you, or even saying yes to being part of a team that you haven’t yet experienced. It is good that you know for yourself which traits are your strengths, and which are your weaknesses, but of course it should not just stop after determining which is which. You should be able to develop the thinking that you should always strive to improve yourself and your skills, and to widen your experiences and knowledge. It would certainly never hurt you if you at least volunteered to be an active part of your chosen field, or even to just agree and be open to all the opportunities that may be offered your way.

        You must always remind yourself to always give your best effort to every little thing that you are doing. Why waste your energy and your time into something that is just mediocre, if you know you can actually do better than that and give an output that has better quality and is well-executed. You have to first understand the importance letting your career and yourself grow, develop, expand, progress, and advance in order for you to be successful in terms of career and personal fulfillment.


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