Skills Required


Having a job, being able to perform well, and having the feeling of contentment or happiness with what we do is certainly what all of us wants for ourselves.


        A newly college graduate will be eager to get into the most prestigious comp any in the city. He will make sure that his credentials are ready with glowing recommendations and exemplary academic and extra-curricular records. Every university in the world certainly makes sure that they produce globally-competitive graduates who are more than ready to be pushed into the battlefield and are of course equipped with adequate skills that are required of them in different fields of business and trade.

It is undeniable that the world has become an economic arena with warriors ready to battle to win their desired jobs. Companies are popping up like mushrooms all over the world and with this, they need manpower that can answer and support their business, their ideals, their mission, and their clientele.

It is indeed a painful reality that not all graduates can land their desired jobs. Some might be unfortunate to have no job at all. Even if you graduate from prestigious universities or expensive colleges with high-standards and quality of education, it is unfortunate that it is not necessarily a passport to land a job in the real world.


        Why is this happening?

A simple answer to that question is that college graduates lack the skills needed to survive in the real and actual state of the world outside of the comfort zones of their respective colleges or universities. What graduates need to realize for themselves is that they need to acquire not only the necessary knowledge and know-how of their chosen fields, but they also have to be equipped with the adequate skills that are needed for a person to survive in a company, an organization, or any industry. One needs to be able to deal with the different stresses and demands that the real world may be requiring of them. Aside from the academics and scholarly knowledge that they can gain from books and journals, college graduated need to understand the importance of having the proper set of skills that will certainly help them in harmonizing with their work environment.



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