Developing Your Social Skills



        An individual’s personality, relationships, and career can be improved with good and well-developed social skills. However, many people often find themselves overwhelmed with anxiety, especially social anxiety. These lead to feelings of being uncomfortable and also finding social situations unbearable. Because of this, we should consider the improvement of social skills to be an essential part of both a person’s personal and career development.


        Listed here are a few steps that you might want to consider to further improve your interaction with other people, and also to help you build-up your social skills that could be used for the continuous development of yourself, your relationship with others, and the growth of your career.


  1. Conquer your shyness. Your self-growth and exploration will never reach its full potential if you let your fear of talking to others get to you. Shyness will only hinder you from connecting well with the various people around you that you will encounter in your personal and work circles. You should be able to get past your shyness in order for you to be able to get the best experience with new colleagues and possibly new friends. Go out and face your fear. Overcome that social anxiety because it will hinder you from achieving and getting what you want.


  1. Be involved. Try to start small by saying thank you to a clerk at the store or by opening short yet simple conversations with other people. To improve social skills, you don’t have to start out by having a long and meaningful conversation with someone else immediately. You can simply offer a nod first with someone, share a smile with others and just be genuinely open to start a connection with them. By starting small, you can begin to gradually increase your confidence and assurance with what you are doing.


  1. Be confident. You should know yourself well, including all your weak and strong points. Use your strong points to your advantage, and make the most out of it. Recognize your weak points, and actively do something to improve and work on developing them to become one of your strengths. Even with your flaws, be confident. Be confident with what you have and who you are. Never be hopeless, and never think that you are inferior. Love yourself. Respect yourself. With all of this, you will start to feel more confident and proud with what you are blessed with.


  1. Talk. Know how to open interesting and genuine conversations. Do not just sit on a corner, and stare at your phone and gadgets all day long. Learn how to approach people respectfully, and start conducive conversations. Open short yet worthwhile talks with others. A hi, a hello plus a smile can certainly go a long way into making people be comfortable with each other even if they have just met. With a cheerful and open disposition, you should be able to start a conversation with your seatmate or your neighbor.


  1. Be yourself. In any given circumstance, you should always remember to be yourself. Do not portray other people’s personality or pretend to be another people just for the sake of having things to say to someone. Be who you truly are. Staying true to yourself attracts not only positive vibes, but it also draws more people close to you. Be natural. Be simple. Be you. Be true.


  1. Be with the right group of people. Go out with the people who share the same interest with you. Wrong companions can lead you to the mistaken road. There will be times when you will encounter people who are not helping you improve or grow in any other aspect. You should be able to identify and let yourself free of this kind of people in order to remove possible hindrances that might stop you from reaching your full potential.


  1. Read. Be involved and be informed about current events. Knowing that things that are happening in the world around you can help you to hold a conversation with other people. Through this, you will also be able to relate with them and be grounded to the common things that are happening around you. Keeping abreast of current events makes you more knowledgeable and more informed, which are good traits that can certainly make up a good conversationalist.


  1. Laugh. Being able to laugh along with others, and banter light jokes with them can really set the mood for a conversation, and even start a connection with the person. Laughter can bring you so much happiness, joy and positivity. When you attract positivity, good people come along as well. Laughing can show people a whole new aspect of yourself that can be opened up casually. Aside from that, laughter is also a good sign of healthy personality. It shows that you are able to have fun and enjoy life even through the challenges and hardships that all individuals are bound to experience.


  1. Be kind. Be good to yourself, to your family, to your friends, and to other people. You should avoid things which are degrading not just for yourself, but also to others. You should be mindful of the things that are affecting your surroundings, especially the people closely involved in your personal, work, and social life. Extend help when it is needed. Do not be selfish of what you have. Remember to share your kindness and genuine openness with others.

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