Self-confidence can be a challenging thing to build up, but with proper thinking and attitude, it can be done. Why do we need to increase our self-confidence? From day one of our lives, from birth until the day we die, self-confidence will always be vital to our well-being. It is an important characteristic to develop because it can certainly help those who want to grab the various opportunities that are made accessible to different individuals.


Picture yourself as a little baby, a helpless 6-month old infant learning how to sit up on your own. How do you think you kept yourself up? You stayed confident that you can do it. You stayed in command of yourself and told yourself that you can. Doing things for the first time in your life requires a whole lot of self-confidence. Reaching out for your toes, clapping your hands, trying to sit up, tasting food for the first time, standing up unsupported and taking that first walk, these are all little steps that could go a long way into building a strong and confident personality.

Having the right amount of confidence and assurance also affects how well we interact with other people, and develop relationship with our new friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or even employers. Going to school for the first time requires a lot of self-confidence for a toddler, as does attending a business gala for new hires at different companies. Unknowingly, we respond to various stimulus in different ways. In the case of the preschoolers, some cry, others cringe, some are shy while others are giddy and excited. Seeing new faces, going out of your previous niche, interacting with new people you get to meet for the first time – all of these elicit different kinds of reaction from different kinds of people. Some get nervous with the mere idea, but some are excited because of the prospect of going through new experiences.

Keep in mind that believing that you can do it is different from knowing that you can do it. Some people build their self-confidence from positive thinking, some work on it with the help of notes, books, and personal reminders to keep going. But no matter how many tips, techniques, and advice is given to you by other people or other books, remember that no one else can make it work or happen for you other than yourself.


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