Improving Your Self-Confidence


“Self-esteem comes from having a sense of belonging, believing that we’re capable, and knowing our contributions are valued and worthwhile,”

— Jane Nelsen, co-author of the Positive Discipline series

Nurturing a child’s self-confidence may seem like a huge responsibility for parents. It is. Feelings of non-self-worth creates a huge impact on a child’s future. So how do we increase our self-confidence as we go on with our everyday lives?

Perception is everything – the way you see yourself takes a huge impact on how others will perceive you. What you think of yourself will be reflected, sometimes unknowingly, into how you let others view yourself.


Sometimes, it can be very difficult for a person to develop self-confidence. It may be because of past personal experiences, or simply because they have low self-esteem ever since they were a kid. Here are some helpful tips to increase your self-confidence:

  • Set a goal.

Set goals and aim to achieve them. Working hard to reach your goals could be like climbing a mountain: you encounter numerous – sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected – obstacles. Prove to yourself that you can achieve all of this. Have the proper attitude and outlook. Remember that you are your own greatest critic. If you do not like where you are now in your life, do something about it. Nothing will change if you just complain and complain endlessly. Be active in fulfilling the missions that you have set for yourself. Work hard, and you will soon reap what you sow.

  • Look at what you’ve already achieved.

Assess yourself. What have you accomplished so far? What else do you want to achieve? What actions do your need to do to get it done? One helpful tip is by keeping a track record of all your achievements, even the simplest ones. At times when you are low at self-confidence, think of your list and remind yourself that “Yes, I can do it.

  • Start managing your mind.

It is this simple: be positive. Learn from your mistakes, and move on. Hanging on to your past can have huge negative and positive impacts to your future. Be sure to channel the positive side of the lessons you’ve learned. Don’t stay grounded in the past mistakes, move on and learn from it. Apply the knowledge that you gained, and let everything be a learning experience for you.

  • Talk yourself up.

You will never be confident if you always have negative feelings about yourself. Convince yourself that you can do it, you can achieve it. “I am better than this, I am more than what you think I am.” Self-talk certainly helps a person in a lot of ways. It’s one of assessing yourself and remove all negative commentary. It helps you build-up a good attitude that will surely be needed when working with different kinds of people.

  • Get a hobby.

This may not seem so obvious, but getting into a hobby and doing what you really want can create a huge impact on your self-confidence. Being passionate about a certain thing will help you feel confident about other things that you are yet to try and experience. If you feel passionate with you’re the things you do, you feel more confident about yourself.


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