Career Development


Career development is an ongoing process of managing your life, leisure and work. An individual’s work identity is formed and developed depending on his or her determination. Career development never stops when you land your dream job, when you get a salary income, or when you get a bonus – career development spans a lifetime.


So when do you start to determine which career to choose? Some individuals begin their career development as early as their toddler years. The way your parents make a living, their professions, their jobs, and their businesses all have huge impacts on the early stages of a person’s career development. These factors have an effect on how a person is opened up to different notions and different ideas about how they want to spend their life when they grow up. For example, if one or both of your parents are doctors or are in the medical field, the chances of you being thinking about having the same career become higher as you are introduced into the various details of this career, and immersed in this certain field. However, this isn’t automatically the case for everyone. Being exposed to different professions at an early age, may it be from home, school, community or friends, it can certainly have a huge effect on one’s individuality. Remember when you were young and people would often ask you, “What do you dream of becoming someday?” Individuality begins there; you are asked the same question over and over again, and you begin to think about what you want for yourself when you grow up. Unconsciously, you begin to choose your career path at an early age.

Your interests and personality also become critical factors on your career development. This goes on until you choose which course to take when you enter college. You choose your degree, get a diploma and then land your first job. But it does not end there for everyone. Some choose to continue pursuing their chosen profession, while some realize that the career they chose might not be what they wanted after all. There’s a continuing improvement and exploration as one gets to experience being in the real world.


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