Developing Your Career


Developing your career is an ongoing process that entails the use of different techniques that can help hone a person’s chosen career path.  Listed here are several factors that can influence an individual’s career development.


  • Personal Characteristics.

Look in the mirror and assess yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What are the things that interest you the most? How do you handle pressure? Do you like socializing with people? What drives you? What motivates you? What type of people or crowd do you enjoy working with? What type of environment are you comfortable to work with? Ask these questions, and assess how well you think you know yourself. You may write a checklist so that you can take better note of these key questions that can certainly be a small step into having a clearer window into what type of person you are.

  • Physical and Mental Abilities.

Some jobs do require some physical ability, while some require more on the mental ability. Knowing which ones are your strengths, and which are areas of improvement are important to be able to be productive. Ask yourself, am I physically fit to do this? Am I mentally prepared to deal with this? Can I handle this type of work? It is certainly better to be well-equipped with your deeper knowledge of your abilities so that you may put these potential and other related experiences into good use for maximum productivity.

  • Adaptability and Interaction.

Yes, your work environment will make a huge impact on your career. Working in an office is way too different than working in a construction site or the stock exchange, or in an academic environment. Human interaction also plays a major role on your chosen career. You should be able to adapt well into certain environment and work culture that you will be exposed to once you are tasked to work by your employers. You should know how to handle different kinds of people with varying and sometimes extreme personalities. You should know how to be a team-player, and also how to be a leader. Even if you are not the assigned project head or manager, you should still have the initiative and responsiveness to excel in all of your tasks and work. Interact, and put these things into action by remembering to be professional, reasonable, and just.

  • Socio-Economic Factors.

These factors has the potential to become a barrier to your career development. One may not be as easily prepared for his chosen career due to financial issues like everyone else. However, there are numerous ways to solve this, such as educational financial assistance programs, business financial grants, and other loans. It is not a secret that money is a key player in making a good future for yourself. However, you should be immediately disheartened because there are always ways to provide for oneself by being practical and wise about certain life decisions.

  • Life Events.

We know that we do not have control of all things that happen to us. But each one of them has the potential to have a huge impact on your career. Life experiences can influence our chosen career and how we progress, fail or succeed. You need only to understand how to put all of these to your advantage in order to improve your personality and to further develop your career.


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