Online Profile Making


The 21st century brings with it the birth of  social media kwon all over the world such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, and Multiply, among others. Although some of these has been present for more than a decade now, these social networking site still lead the popular trend of maximizing the use of social media to socialize with people, not just in your local vicinity but throughout the world.


            Aside from the obvious advantage that this technology can offer in bridging the gaps between people all over the world, social media is also a great avenue for people to build connections that can be later utilized for a professional career. These can be platforms for opportunities where job vacancies can be passed on directly from current employees in certain companies. Aside from that, online job posting can be easily shared and seen by people who are out searching for a job prospect. Social media opens up a gate for a lot of  opportunities for individuals to grab, if they know how to use it. So the question that individuals typically have in mind is: how do we use social media to build-up a profile for one’s career?

Here are some few easy tips you might consider in creating an online presence for yourself.

  1. Be accurate and honest.

Never confuse people with your employment records. Other companies look into social media to check on your past employment experiences, as well as how you interact online. They can also determine if you are the right fit for the position you applied for. So, as much as possible do not mix-up dates, employer’s name, companys name, and other credentials.

  1. Use your real name.

Refrain from using out-of-this-world, far-fetched names. To make it simple, use your given full name. You want to make your profile as formal-looking as possible just in case your potential employer is Google-ing your name.

  1. Be truthful with your contact information.

You may write your mobile number, but it is advisable to just leave your email address or website where they can inquire about vital information that they might want to know from you.

  1. Do not lie about your information.

Your online profile will serve as a preliminary resume for some employers. They see it as to what your personality is like. Your online presence should mirror your personality that’s why it is crucial to put the correct information.

  1. Be simple.

Refrain from uploading too many photos or posting status with unlikely contents. Always remember, you are building-up a professional looking online profile for your future engagements.


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