Ways To Expand Your Traffic In Social Media


A lot of people use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the likes to communicate, to expand their network, and to build up their profile for their careers. Now, a question we need to ask ourselves: how are we going to attract followers, viewers and potential clients?


Here are some easy tips you might want to follow:

  1. Use a name that you are most known for. This will be the first thing that people will see in your profile so you should give a good first impression by staying away from clever, witty or funny names you may have used during your high school or college years.
  2. Upload photos and videos related to your craft or line of expertise. You may post files not related to your chosen career as long as they are decent, professional-looking, and suitable for all readers and viewers. After all, you want to build up your career and PR properly.
  3. Think twice before posting your status. Refrain from using foul, vulgar, and offensive language that might degrade other people, ethnicity, and other beliefs.
  4. Be accurate with your information, but do not totally dispose your private contact information online. Your home address and mobile digits don’t have to be posted online, but you should leave an email address, a business or work number, and a website where other people can contact you for inquiries.
  5. Be careful on posting comments on other people’s posts to ward you off from future disagreements and misunderstandings. This doesn’t mean you should limit your interaction with other people online, this just means that you have to make sure that all your comments are written in decent language so as to avoid offending people and creating conflict.

I hope I have been helpful with these tips. These are just some of the bare essentials that you should bear in mind. Now you can start editing your profile to make it attractive for potential clients. Configure it to open the countless doors to new possibilities and career advancement.


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