Importance of Having a Career


We all recognize the difficulty of finding a job in the current state of our country’s economy. It doesn’t just come to us overnight or with the flick of a finger. We need to show perseverance, hard work, and patience before we are able to truly find a stable job that could support us every day. We need income to pay for rent, buy food, pay for the bills, get new clothes, change the car tires, buy gas and other utilities, and also be able to enjoy the pleasures of life. All these are important in order to be able to get by with the numerous demands that consumerism has over our state and economy.


However, we should not have the mindset that a job is there only to provide the material things that we need and want in life. We should start changing our mindset that money and economical comfort are not the only things that our jobs can give us. Having a job should give individuals not just a sense of contentment for being paid for what they are able to contribute to the company, but it should also give them a sense of responsibility and fulfillment. Aside from that, holding a job position also contributes a lot to the improvement of a person’s personality and outlook about life. It has advantage of boosting a person’s confidence – that you are, after all, capable of contributing to something big and important.

I always believed that we are all capable of something more, and not just the little whims and urges that all individuals have. All decent jobs are hard-earned and not just given out like a piece of paper you asked from your classmate in third grade. Financially, having a job is your guarantee that you can support yourself and live on your own. Is not it a triumphant moment when you spend your hard-earned dollars? It is, right? Socially, having a job also gives you a place and a definite purpose in the social strata. If you have your own family, it also gives you the purpose of providing for their needs such as food, shelter, clothing, education, and pleasure. Morally, being hardworking and persevering in your chosen career gives you the purpose for your existence, as well as boosts your self-confidence.

It is a milestone in one’s life to have a career. Look at your career as an opportunity for self-growth. Look at it as an avenue for you to show what you know, what you can give, what you can sacrifice, and what you can contribute to the rest of the world.


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